Product Review – Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural

mac-msf-naturalFace powder is one of those things that comes in an array of colors, formulas and containers. Any makeup lover with oily skin will agree that face powder is a must have to keep oil at bay and help your makeup last. I am an oily skin gal and one of my favorites happens to be MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. MAC’s MSF powders are quite versatile, you can go from having a full coverage application when used over foundation or a light coverage application when used alone over moisturizer.

Oily skin can leave us with a thick, unnatural layer of product in the effort to keep oil at bay. I find that with a moderate application of this product my oiliness is controlled and my face looks as natural as it can get. On mornings when I am rushing out the door  I can apply a layer of product to my face in place of foundation and have a decent coverage without sacrificing precious time. Keep in mind not every product works the same on everyone and my experience with it will not be the same as yours.

Product specs:

  • Baked powder with satin finish
  • There are currently 18 shades to choose from
  • Multidimensional color to match skin color
  • 10 g/ .35 US oz.
  • Comes in a mirrored compact with magnetized closing

Similar Products:

  • Wet N Wild Photo focus pressed powder
  • Laura Geller Balance N Brighten

Sound off in the comments and let me know your opinion or questions on this product.





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