6242-2Fitness, my Achilles heel, my kryptonite and the source of my misery. Judging by my opening statement I think is safe to assume I’m out of shape and fitness and I had an ugly divorce. Fortunately for me I am planning on conquering my girl, so staying true to my impulsive nature I went ahead and dove right in and signed up for the Spartan Race 0777.

The truth is a have never really liked running or working out in general, in all my failed attempts all I could concentrate on was the burning in my lungs and my ankles telling me “Girl, we need a break”. Running minutes were longer than microwave and underwater minutes and I gave up time and time again to the point that if a zombie apocalypse were to happen I will likely be on the first wave of casualties. You may ask yourself  why would I put myself through such misery if I hate the whole fitness thing? Tale as old as time, my body is now telling me “girl you need to do something, eat some broccoli!” We need to make these awesome thirties better than those so-so twenties and what better time than the present to do so. To keep myself accountable and truly make an effort I decided to make my journey public and make that Sh** happen even if is just to avoid public failure. funny-memes-exercise-is-exercise

Let’s make our lives count and challenge ourselves! Show your mind what your body can accomplish if she cooperates and most importantly help me encourage my ankles to make it to the finish line!!!



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