Product Review – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation


I have to say this post might be quite biased, as the title of this post states this item is a must have for me and is a staple makeup item for many.Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation is a medium to full coverage foundation depending on how many layers of product you apply on your skin. I personally find that one layer is enough for my skin to look flawless, I don’t have serious discoloration or problem areas that require layering this or any other foundation but if you need to layer it then you will find that it will not feel too thick. I understand that not all of us agree on products but I personally don’t think this is a thick product and the thickness will also depend on the item you use to apply foundation. Estee Lauder also claims the foundation is 24hr wear, I have never used a foundation for more than 10-12hrs, I have used it after work while coaching cheerleading a received many compliments on how the foundation looked even though it was 6PM and I had been wearing it since 5:30AM.

Double Wear comes in 38 colors, this is not an exorbitant amount but is a decent color range and you will likely find a good match or will be able to mix two shades to get your perfect shade. I know this is not ideal but is a worse case scenario. This foundation comes is a glass bottle , does not come with a pump but a MAC Foundation pump fits the bottle neck. You will get 1oz of product per bottle and it will set you back $39.50. This price range can be high for some but I do believe is a staple and the results outweigh the cost for me.

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Sound off and let me know what you think  about this product in the comments.


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