Book Review-Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

big-little-liesLet’s begin by saying that I am not on a Liane Moriarty binge, I just happen to be watching and thoroughly enjoying HBO’s adaptation of the novel and decided to take a look. Lets start by mentioning the setting is in Australia and is based on the lives of three women; Jane, Madelyn and Celeste.

Madelyn and Celeste are friends. Through a minor accident Madelyn meets Jane and subsequently meets Celeste and they all become friends. all three women have their families and children and the kiddos are an important part to the story line. I think that by adding the children into the mix as a real part of the story instead of being on the back burner of the story it makes it more relatable to parents. I do have to say that watching the show sort of took the air of mystery from the resolution of the novel but it helped me understand the setting of the show itself.

The novel as well as the book has commentary from second or third characters describing the leads and their dynamics. This gives the novel an air similar to that of Desperate Housewives and definitely has enough humor to not make the story be completely dark. Rape, adultery and domestic violence are all part of the story line, I try to stay away from these topics because they are dark and not something I like to read on. I prefer light and fluffy but Moriarty does find a way of injecting relatable feminine and family humor to the story balancing the negative and the humorous aspects of the storyline. The characters are quite normal parents and I also found that relatable even if they have different financial status than most of us do. In other words…THE STRUGGLE IS REAL EVERYWHERE! 42a9b7d92b940a8754b04f9faaf64865

In all honesty I do think this is an even better read than the husbands secret and you will greatly enjoy the similarities between this story and my beloved Desperate Housewives.

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