When 24hrs aren’t enough time

imagesI think we’ve all been here at one point in our lives as moms, not enough time to get to work, soccer, organize home, cook, homework, spend time with kids and husband and on top of all that find some time to rest! I’m not saying I dislike my life, on the contrary! I love my life and my family, when all those things are not around I feel weird and not complete. The question is, how do we find time to get all of it done and find a little time for ourselves? ORGANIZATION!!! unamused_face_emoji_edible_frosting_rounds-r4f2cafe448934cfdb374f3c79d5c1c21_zibjr_324 and a little bit of f*** it download


I know you must be saying ” Tell me something I dont already know Nat!” I hear ya, is easier said than done and I find myself on this boat every week. How much organization does it take to keep insanity at bay? Lots!!! The truth is most moms (if not all) are constantly working on methods to help them maintain a harmonious family life and have their s*** together. I am one of those moms that is contantly plotting or reading on finding ways to organize my life so that everything in my life is as harmonius as possible.

One thing I can say is that is ok to loose it sometimes. Yes, weve all forgotten about a project and scramble the night before to make it happen. We’ve all skipped soccer practice with the kids to catch up on school work or house work, there is nothing wrong with taking time and prioritize once in a while. I do think moms dont like talking about these things, we think that talking about it will put us in the bad mom category, WE ARE NOT BAD MOMS! Is time we embrace the not so glamorous parts of motherhood because these are the things we will remember when the kiddos are grown and out of the house. Keep your cool and know that we’ve all been there at one point and the kids will be fine, skipping soccer practice one day will not traumatize them a857eb7cf744d9a565685bb713aa20d5  so next time get some water guns and turn the day around with a good water gun battle, these are the memories they will keep.

Take care and leave a comment!


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