My view on two financial advice books.

           I’ve recently read/listened to two books that are related to finance, the first one is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and Jen Sincero’s You’re a Badass at Making Money. The reason why these two are total opposites is the approach to making money. Dave takes a more traditional approach, he prefers the getting rid of debt through more conventional means and playing it safe when it comes to finances (not spending unnecessarily). Jen’s approach is more less traditional, she uses the “manifesting money” approach and is not shy when encouraging her readers to take risks and manifesting success through gratefulness. Dave seems to not be a fan of this approach and advices his readers to use the debt pyramid approach to get rid of debt (Let me know if you are interested in a more in depth discussion of the debt pyramid in the comments =P)

You can’t be in debt and win. It doesn’t work.

-Dave Ramsey

          I relate to both approaches and I think we should implement them in our lives in accordance to our needs. I am more of a practical person and Dave’s approach seems more realistic based on my current needs and seems to be helpful to those with a little bit of wiggle room in terms of financial solvency and prefer to not rely on any financial gains other than their current ones. Jen’s approach is more for those who are more open to the spiritual aspect, she encourages her readers to take risks and go for those dreams while being grateful for any turn their journey might take because we have control of it through manifestation and mantras.

I’m gonna go ahead and get rich.

-Mantra by Jen Sincero

        I kind of like both approaches, One for my current self and one for my awesome future self. Maybe both approaches will work when used together, I don’t know but both offer some useful advice in terms of money but are catered to very different audiences. What do you think? let me know in the comments below.


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