Basics – Work Makeup

Gone are the days of a full face of makeup just to go to the supermarket 24_emoji. The thing about being a working mom is that the opportunity to be more open and explore with your appearance is very limited (At least in my line of work unamused_face_emoji_edible_frosting_rounds-r4f2cafe448934cfdb374f3c79d5c1c21_zibjr_324) and the lack of time in the mornings only makes it more difficult. Now, not every work place is strict but most workplaces prefer a more reserved look in terms of cosmetics use. I’m gonna go ahead and stop rambling and get to the point a857eb7cf744d9a565685bb713aa20d5.

I spend most of my time working on my canvass, I think we all have an area that we spend the most time on and for me is my face. I did cover this part on my face routine post so head on over there to read a detailed explanation on the products I use. Let’s move on to the eyes Image result for funny eyes emoji. This part is probably the most versatile depending on the colors you chose and the placement of the eye shadow on the lid. I personally go for a simple look and it usually involves just one eye shadow color. I go for sort of a camel color, this color will normally be my transition shade if I were creating a more complex eye makeup look but since we are keeping it natural I think is the perfect shade to cover the whole lid including the crease area.Image result for eye makeup placement Good options are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette shades in Raw sienna, burnt orange and red ochre. If you are on a budget a good dupe would be your bronzer!

Modern Renaissance PaletteRelated image


After the eye shadow is in place and you are happy with the blending and all that then we can proceed to place eye liner or simply skip it. I like to use eye liner, sometimes I go for the cat eye to add a little more drama or I go for the smudged liner look when I want to be less dramatic, this is totally up to you. A good option for either choice is the Clinique Brush on Cream Liner  or the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner.

Brush-On Cream LinerImage result for maybelline cream liner

You can also add a highlighting shade to the inner corner and the bow bone to add a little more dimension and look like you tried harder than you did download.  Good options from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette are Vermeer, Primavera or Tempera. Another option is your favorite cheek highlighter. You can also use some of the camel eye shadow color and eye liner if you prefer to apply eye shadow to your lower lash line, this step is optional 42a9b7d92b940a8754b04f9faaf64865. To finish add a coat…or three of your favorite mascara and voila! You are ready for a hard day at work!


Thank you for taking some time to read my blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment or maybe share so ideas for my next post.



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