Hot Yoga and stuff.

Hey ya’ll!

I’m still here! I know I’ve been MIA for a little while. The truth is I ran out of interesting things to white, this lead to a blogging crisis and while I was searching for inspiration I realized I don’t really lead a life that is worth telling others about. I do fun things such as go to work, drop the kids off in school, pick them up from the after school care, eat dinner and take them to their respective sports practice…every day. As you can see, not too interesting. However, my good friend Jess and I are breaking out or our routine like two rebels and took matters into our own hands, we started hot yoga!

Yes! Finally something different to talk about! So, for some time now Karla (sis in law, shout out to Karla! download) has been talking about how much she loves her hot yoga class and how it is her me time away from a somewhat similar schedule as mine. I noticed there were hot yoga classes available a town over, I found a willing partner (Jess) and made my way to our first ever hot yoga class. Jess was running a bit behind so I went in the class, saved her a spot and sat my mat down. As a good student I got there ten minutes prior the beginning of the class, the room was hot as hell (We later found out that the temp at the beginning was 110 degrees Fahrenheit). It was so damn hot I had beads of sweat rolling down my back just by waiting in the mat and only stretching a bit. I was sweating in places I don’t think I’ve ever swat at (In case you don’t know, I dislike fitness and sweating even more). Finally Jess comes in and I am sweating more than I had during a previous dance fitness class, our walks round the park or the time I went to Starbucks and came in super late to work. After this we sat down and patiently waited for the instructor to walk in and get this hell rolling images.

The fist fifteen minutes were difficult, between the stretching and concentrating in not busting my ass with all the sweat that kept dripping on the mat, time seemed to run at a snail pace. After this the good part began…not! The next thirty minutes were a rollercoaster of balancing, sweating like a mother****** and making sure I don’t bust my ass while trying to keep up as much as I could. The intensity of the heat and the work made me get a little light headed so I had to take one or two breathers in child’s pose while trying not to drown in the sweat pouring down my face during this time. The last fifteen minutes were more to wind down, my favorite part as the instructor focused more on the mind aspect and an awesome cold towel was placed in our hands to that we could use it to cool down (don’t know if that was the purpose but that’s what I did with it).

Now, will I do it again? Yes! In fact I did it again the Sunday of the following week (did much better and was better prepared that time, the studio was a little cooler). I can’t tell you how many times I walked or drove by that studio not daring to give it a try. My kids are important, so important that they sometimes take so much time I forget I have a life outside our routine. So moms, don’t be afraid of hot yoga, Zumba, purple hair or whatever it is that will make you feel like you are here to lead a life worth blogging about. Try something funny, YOLO! Take selfies by that cute little creek you walk  or drive by every day. It only takes five minutes of your routine and you will be happy you took that time for yourself.

Stay healthy and most of all be happy



Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images, if the image belongs to you and you would like for it to be removed please send me a message and I will remove it promptly. 

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