Photography and Stuff

I am not a photographer, I am a momtographer?!?  Translation: Average mom owner/in possession of a DSLR camera. Take any of my suggestions as what they are… suggestions . I became the owner of a camera because I like to document my children’s life, my uncle was that way and my mom was that way so I guess my doing so shouldn’t be a surprise. I want my children to have these memories and also be able to embarrass them with a good quality photo in their wedding or any other milestone in their life =). So enough rambling, the purpose of this post is to give the average mom or dad so suggestions on how to take a nice photo at home with your camera and not break the bank hiring a photographer (unless your really want to).

To take a photo you do not need a super expensive camera with a super expensive lens, any camera will do, I’ve seen beautiful photographs taken with a cel phone, so lets throw that assumption out the window. What your really need is a willing or cooperative subject, easier said than done when children are involved but I’ve captured some awesome meltdowns and in all honesty those are the ones people tend to like best. These photos show the subject as they truly are =). In the example I am providing today, I will show you a newborn baby photo shoot we did at my house (sounds so fancy…we were at my dining room on the floor with a blanket, a pillow and a beautiful baby).

Items needed:

Beautiful subject: Need I say more?!?

Editing software: So many to choose from, I have Photoshop and lightroom but you can use PICASA =(  If you have it in your electronic device since google did away with it. I also have Corel Paint Shop Pro and like it. Is all up to you and the tools you have available.

Props: Cue the cute bow and the tutu

Pillow: To make the baby comfy and give you a good angle for the photo.

Large blanket: To use as a background and under the baby to cover parents hands and the pillow.

Camera: For the photo 

Patience: Lots of it, a sleeping baby is easier to deal with than a cranky one, so be patient.

Ideally you want to have your subject in a comfortable place, I normally place my kiddos on my bed and use the headboard as a tool to hold my background or backdrop. This makes the baby feel comfy and the surface area you are working with is large, also no need to bend down since the baby is not on floor. The theme for the photo shoot also plays a role in the setting selection, outdoors is also a good option but bugs and baby are generally not a good mix. Last but certainly not least we have lighting! So important! In the photo above I had a window right in front of me, it wast direct sunlight because there is a large tree in front of my house but we got enough good light to make it happen. I’ve had so many pics come out not so great because we didn’t have adequate lighting. So if you’re an amateur, find some natural light that is diffused by something (a tree in my case), if a pro or semi-pro then invest on filming lights. Flash is a no-no, it creates weird shadows unless you diffuse it (see picture #2, I didn’t have flash but I had a shadow on my photo)

I hope I was of help, as always dont forget to leave me a comment with suggestions or questions.

Take Care!





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